Which EHR is Right for Me?

Which EHR is Right for Me?

An overview & comparison of the top RD-specific EHRs.

Are you ready to start using an EHR in your practice, but feel paralyzed choosing between all the options?

Bruh, I FEEL YOU!! 

To be completely honest, my practice is small, and I've been doing paper charting & hodge-podging together my systems (scheduling, billing, charting, messaging, etc.)

But as I've been booking more and more clients, it's starting to get overwhelming, and I KNOW there has to be a more efficient solution (that is probably worth the cost in time-savings!) 

So, I started exploring all the EHR options.

And WOW, are there A LOT!

It totally had me wishing (BEGGING, really) for a resource that could break down all the options, and help me understand which platform was best for me.

I just wanted an easy to understand breakdown of all the features, with visuals, WITHOUT having to sign up for free trials and test them all out myself.

I would literally throw my money at someone for that service.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, alas, there was no such resource... 

So, I created one!!

In this e-course you'll learn:

  • The 7 most popular nutrition-specific EHRs.
  • The other popular non-nutrition-specific platforms.
  • A FULL comparison of Healthie, Kalix, Practice Better, and NutriAdmin.
  • We will examine differences in:
    • Price
    • Free trials
    • Telehealth options
    • Mobile apps
    • Scheduling
    • Secure messaging
    • E-faxing
    • Charting
    • Billing
    • Client portals
    • Referral programs
    • Extras

Plus the following bonuses:

  • A downloadable table that compares ALL the above features for Healthie, Kalix, Practice Better, and NutriAdmin.
  • Access to an additional Excel spreadsheet with notes on the non-nutrition-specific platforms.
  • Links to all of the documentation sections and YouTube channels for these platforms.
  • Affiliate links for all the platforms so you can save some money & I can earn credits or compensation as well! (No pressure to use them, but they're there if you want them) 

This course is NOT:

  • An interactive guide to the EHRs with video (just audio & pictures). 
  • Affiliated in any way with any of these platforms (aside from the affiliate links). I have no personal relationships with any of them.

The main goal of this quickstart e-course is to give you the information you need to get started with the right EHR for you ASAP.

How it works:

  • All information (videos, handouts, etc.) will be available instantly upon enrollment.
  • Students can move through the modules at their own pace.
  • If you have purchased this course individually, you will have access to the material forever.
  • If you are receiving access to the course as a member of The Functional Nutrition Library, you will continue to have access as long as you remain a member of the FNL.

Note: Current members of the Functional Nutrition Library receive FREE access to all e-courses once they go live.

  • If you're already a member of the FNL, no need to do anything. You'll automatically be given access to the course when it goes live. 
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Sign up now & implement when you're ready.

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Erica Julson
Erica Julson

Erica Julson, MS, RDN, CLT

Hi, I'm Erica - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified LEAP Therapist located in sunny Los Angeles, CA. 

I run a part-time virtual private practice (with a focus on food sensitivities and functional nutrition), and spend the rest of my time blogging and creating online educational resources for dietitians.

I'm obsessed with creating content to help move our profession forward & serve as many people as possible. I feel blessed to work with such a great group of dietitians. Keep working hard and kicking butt, and thank you for choosing to spend your time learning with me! <3